5 Reasons Why You Choose Diamond Earrings

Diamonds have been part of a girl’s life since centuries. The handmade diamond earrings are one of the most versatile, timeless and appropriate earrings for any occasion. They are universal sign of love, devotion, admiration and affection. Also, handmade diamond earrings have a huge gift potential. The majority of women prefer to wear the stud earrings in lieu of the danglers. Here are the top five reasons why you should opt for diamond stud earrings:

  • Versatility:- The studs are one of the most versatile earrings in the jewelry collection. These earrings can be worn in any season and in any weather. Whether you are travelling, guest at a wedding, lazing around the home or just out for grocery shopping, you can always opt to wear your diamond studs.
  • Extremely lightweight:- The handmade diamond earrings are extremely lightweight. As these earrings are handcrafted, they don’t get caught in the scarves or hair. For a jewelry lover who wants functionality as well as style, diamond studs are the way to go.
  • Elegant and timeless:- The diamond stud earrings are classic and elegant. No matter what is the season or what is trending, you can wear the stud earrings whenever you want. They work with all kinds of dresses and outfits.
  • Travel jewelry:- The diamond studs work perfectly as travel jewelry. Unlike danglers that might get stuck in your bags or clothes, the studs work perfectly fine, they can be easily packed and stowed away. Plus, they won’t take any space.
  • Pretty:- The main goal of any jewelry is to be pretty. They frame the face pretty well, even when you are dressed up in an casual way. Studs are an easy to wear and can pull together any outfit.

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All About Rose Gold Halo Engagement Ring

The styles of the engagement rings change every month. With changes in the seasons, different metals become the part of trend. The recent metals in trend is rose gold. With its pinkish hue, it is one of the most loved metal across the globe.

  • Rose Gold: Origins:- The metal was itself founded in early 19th century by the celebrated Fabergé Egg creator, Carl Fabergé. It is called “Russian Gold” as it originated in Russia but was called Rose Gold later. The early 1920s saw resurgence of Art Deco era and the rose gold went dormant. The resurgence happened after the silver colored metals were needs in the World War II efforts.
  • Rose gold halo engagement ring:- One of the most loved engagement rings is rose gold halo engagement ring. Unlike the classic engagement rings such as solitaires, the halo engagement rings gives the engagement ring affect of large centre stone. With the halo engagement rings, you can opt for the center diamond stone of less carat and accentuate with the halo or other diamonds.
  • From light pink to deep red:- The diamond look beautiful with rose gold. The color of rose gold depends upon the ratio of copper in gold. This means you can opt rose gold with hue that ranges from light pink to deep red. The hue generally intensifies when it is regularly worn. An expert jeweler makes sure that there is 75% gold and 22.5% copper and a small percentage of silver present in the rose gold rings. The silver lightens the dark copper color.
  • Recent trend in halo rings:- One of the recent trends in the rose gold halo engagement rings is the colored gems creating a halo around the diamond. These rings are perfect for the brides who want a bit of color in their engagement rings. These rings are also beautiful wedding bands, plus rose gold is one of the timeless metals.

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What to see when selecting an Asscher cut diamond?

The Asscher diamonds belong to the step-cut category. These are one of the diamonds that are square in shape and have deeply trimmed edges. While the diamond is in the shape of square, they look more rectangular. First cut and patented in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, the Asscher diamond originally had 58 facets like the modern emerald cut. With time, the Asscher cut diamond was updated. Now, it has 74 facets for extra brilliance.

The facets of the Asscher diamond are cut in steps and found throughout the pavillion of the diamond. The cut is octagonal as it’s four corners are cropped, however the cropped corners cannot be seen once the diamond has been set. It is recommended to use Asscher diamond for its high clarity and added brilliance. The high crown of the diamond makes the stone shine no other cut.

Two things that you should check

  • Shape
    The best way to check the quality of Asscher diamond is to check the shape of the loose diamond. The Asscher diamonds are in square shape. If the diamond looks like Asscher but is in rectangular shape, it is a emerald diamond. The length-to-width ratio of the Asscher diamond is 1.00 but some Asscher diamonds might be in the ratio of 1.06 or below. These diamond will also appear Asscher to the untrained eye.
    Diamonds between 1.50 and 1.75 ratio will be rectangular while the diamonds with lower rations will look more square.
  • Cut
    The Asscher cut diamond have more faceting on their table in comparison with other diamond cuts. These diamonds are known for their X pattern when you look at them from top down. The culet or the bottom of the Asscher diamond has a point. The diamonds with troughed culet is a Emerald diamond.
    A true Asscher cut diamond has deep pavilion with steep crown angle. A steep crown angle will make the face of the diamond a bit smaller. An expert jeweler will be able to create many layers, make sure that jeweler does not take this as an excuse to use heavier diamond with too much weight underneath.


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Types Of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are the best gifts for any person. You can never go wrong with a pair of handmade diamond earrings. For women, the pair of diamond earrings are a must have. They are elegant, classic and always in style. They are also the right gift to mark an important occasion. Whether you are buying for yourself or gifting it to your loved one, here is a simple guide about the different types of diamond earrings:

  • Stud Earrings
    These are one of the most popular pair of diamond earrings. These earrings offer classic and elegant look that complements all kinds of outfits and occasions. These earrings make the diamonds the main piece of the earring. You can get the stud earrings in all kinds of metals from gold to silver and platinum.
  • Drop Earrings
    The drop earrings are royal and regal. They frame the face of wearer giving them an elegant appearance. They are an extension of the stud earrings. As they are suitable for all ages, they make a perfect gift for all occasions.
  • Hooped earrings
    There is a huge range of hooped diamond earrings. Even though, these earring design is a bit old timey, it has resurged in last few years. In trend, they can be customized to fit your budget.
  • Diamond earrings for men
    Diamonds are equally loved by men as they are loved by women. Thanks to the sports stars and celebrities, diamond earrings have become a trend with men in the country. It not only makes the statement but also adds a bit of individuality to the outer personality. The men often choose simple studs that goes with whatever they wear.

It is a sort of urban myth that wearing of an earring represents a certain sign, but it is not. We advise you to wear the earrings as you want it.

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Handmade bracelet

Must have essentials in a women’s jewelry collection

A jewelry collection is the embodiment of the woman’s personality. Every collection has a few statement pieces that are really the standout pieces of the collection. In terms of color of gem and the volume, each collection is different. Women should always have go-to earrings, handmade bracelet, cocktail ring, a long necklace in your collection.

  • Perfect pair of earrings
    Whether it is a stud or danglers, it is important that you have a perfect pair of earrings in your wardrobe. The earrings need to represent your style and personality and obviously suit you well. It can even be the goto earring for events or your everyday earrings that go well with anything. If you want to buy a perfect pair of earrings go for studs. It gives a polished and chic look to any outfit. In the USA, hoop earrings are in trend. If you want to go for the hoop earrings, you can choose the ones with diamonds or metal embellishments.
  • Cocktail Ring
    Women should have a pair of a perfect cocktail ring. Whether you want a solitaire or a five diamond ring or you love gems ring, just make sure that it is not oversized. A ring should be part of you and your style. Being the centerpiece of any outfit, it needs to pop out.
  • Long Necklace
    The last year and 2018 belongs to the long necklace. Whether you opt for pearl necklaces or gold ones, just make sure that they go well with almost all kinds of outfits. You can opt for long necklaces at work and make them work as evening jewelry by doubling them up. You can even layer the necklaces with shorter ones. You can opt for pendants or wear the necklaces in the form of chains according to your choice.
  • Handmade bracelet
    Bracelet is one of the important pieces in a woman’s jewelry collection. The handmade bracelets can be a set of delicate bangles or can have charms. One of the trending bracelet styles is platinum bracelet stacked with diamond rings. The ring bracelets are the “IT” pieces in any jewelry collection. You can either buy them or design them according to your style.

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Antique cushion diamond rings

Antique Cushion Diamond Rings: Old Mine Cut or Modern Cushion Cut

Selecting a diamond ring is a difficult process. It is not only the ring you select but the type of diamond, type of metal, and the style of your fiancee. While wedding bands are a simple band, the engagement ring is a bit more lavish and fancy. It is very important to choose the right engagement ring.

There are some women who prefer the traditional, classic diamond cuts rather than customizing the rings. If your significant other is a traditional woman, then the antique cushion diamond ring will suit her the best.


What are antique cushion diamond rings?

The antique cushion diamond ring is a classic ring with the center diamond cut that maximizes the reflection. In comparison with the modern cushion diamond rings, the antiques have smaller flat top facet (table), large facets and large bottom cut.

The larger facets of the antique cushion diamond rings maximize the light refraction and the inner fire if the diamond when it is viewed in the candlelight.

Types of antique cushion diamond rings

  1. Old mine cut
    The name “old mine” refers to the antique diamonds that were mined in India. Each antique cushion diamond rings with old mine cut is unique as they are handcrafted. While the basic rules of the cushion diamond cut such as the high crown, large cutlet, and a small table are kept in mind, the diamonds have different cuts as they are hand cut. A true old mine cut antique cushion diamond ring is unique in every aspect of design.
    The intention of crafting the old mine cut was to manipulate the light and use every last ray to display the fire in the diamond at its fullest. The skill with which the diamond is handcrafted is amazing.Nowadays, it is very difficult to handcraft a diamond without using machines.
  • Modern cushion cut
    The antique cushion diamond rings with old mine cut diamonds are renowned for the fire they produce. The fire is due to the high crown and large cutlet. Modern cushion cut uses the basic techniques of old diamond cut and adds them, to the larger table to produce deep fiery properties. The range in which the cuts can be made and the fiery properties can be enhanced is extremely extensive. Modern cushion cut came into existence due to Art Deco phase of Renaissance in the early 20th century.
    The 58 facets of the antique cushion diamond rings with modern cushion cut allows the master jeweler to remove the minor fractions and create a flawless ring.

While there is no right or wrong while selecting the engagement ring, it is necessary that you know and understand the antique cushion diamond cuts.

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Buy Classic Three Stone Ring, Uncategorized

Selecting Engagement Band For Your Beloved

Engagement is the next step, if you are committed and irrevocably in love with your partner. Selecting engagement ring is the hardest part. It should be according to what your partner would love. You cannot just buy the first ring you see. An engagement ring requires in-depth research on the style, metal, gem size, setting and more.

Engagement ring and wedding rings

While shopping for an engagement ring, never put the wedding ring out of your mind. A wedding ring should always complement the engagement ring. An engagement ring is the promise of a life together. Hence, the engagement band is lavish. The wedding band is simple and signifies the pure union of two souls.

If you have already started looking for engagement rings, your jeweler must have shown you different settings. We advise you to buy classic three stone ring. The three stone ring is a traditionally set ring with one big diamond and two other gems or diamond complementing it.


While the classic take on the ring calls for diamond, the millennials are going for colored gems in place of diamond to give the classic three stone ring a custom appeal.

Types of settings

Once you have selected the gem and it’s size, it’s time you understand the types of settings used. A ring is defined by its gem. The quality and cut of gem decide the setting in which it should be placed. Women are very conscious about what kind of setting they want on their engagement ring.

  1. Prong
    Prong is a common engagement ring setting. It has six or four claws that keep the gen secure in the metal basket. The prongs can be rounded, flat, V-shaped or pointed.If you are confused about selecting four to six prongs, remember that while six prongs make the diamond extremely secure, it also shows less of a diamond.
  2. Tension
    Tension is a new age design. In tension setting, the compression-spring pressure of the metal shank holds the diamond firmly in their grip. As they have minimum metal, they give the ring a floating effect. Tension setting can only be used with hard gems such as diamonds, rubies, and sapphires. This setting offers no security to the diamond. If you are buying a classic three stone ring, opt for prong setting.
  3. Channel
    One of the more popular settings for wedding bands, Channel is simply a row of gems set in the metal without any separation. In the channel setting, the round stones cost less than square or rectangular ones.
  4. Gypsy
    The gypsy setting is more popular with men. The stone is set flush in a hole in the ring and the metal is pressed around the stone securing it. As the metal is hammered, the stone needs to be strong such as diamond.
  5. Pave
    The Pave setting has three or more rows of gems fitted in the metal. The stones are set in such a way that it makes them level with the surface of the ring. White Gold and Platinum are the most preferred metals for the pave setting. The setting can either be flat or domed.

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