custom made pendant

Custom Made Pendant – Gift Something Spectacular to Your Loved Ones

Making custom made pendants is a skilled craft that has been in practice since long by artists around the world. Technological advancements of bead construction and jewellery accessories has, nowadays, made jewellery assembling much more convenient that before.

It allows everyone to make their own beaded handmade jewellery into pendants, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets, and much more.


Why Only Custom Made Jewelry?

There are a lot of benefits on offer by custom-made jewellery and they are good enough to inspire to use this kind of jewellery:

  • You have full opportunity to repair and restring your beaded jewelry
  • Reasonable and easy to create
  • It makes an excellent gift for friends or family members
  • You are free to multiply your worn-out vintage pieces of beaded jewelry
  • You are able to create one of a kind jewellery and other beaded beads for special applications and situations
  • Jewelry design and colors of the beads match your clothing
  • It is your personal unique design and satisfies your demands to good effect

Stylish Diamond Pendant – Lovely Way To Express Your Love

A pendant is primarily a small trinket worn with a chain. Pendants can also have little metal work in combination with diamonds and other gemstones, providing it with a beautiful and charming appearance. A custom made pendant is certainly a great gift you can present to your loved ones on almost any occasion, be it your anniversary, wedding, birthday or whatever.

Be it your anniversary, birthday, a cocktail party, or just about any other personal event – a unique and elegant heart shaped pendant will help you steal the show.

Since it’s a question of your love, you just can’t afford to take risk while choosing a  pendant. Hence, it is quite necessary to keep these things in mind:

Cut– Cutting of a stone is significant. A poor cut affects the quality of the diamond. So, cut the diamond very carefully.

Color- This factor plays a critical role. It’s not necessary that all diamonds are white, they come in a lot of other colours, too.

Carat- Carat is the actual weight of the stone, and not of the metal.

Clarity- If the surface of the stone has flaws, it won’t reflect light. Therefore, a diamond should be of high clarity since low clarity will deeply impact the beauty of the stone.


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