Asscher cut diamond

What to Examine When Choosing the Best Asscher Cut Rings

There are a lot of different cuts that are available in diamonds. The Asscher cut was invented by Joseph Asscher and he was selected to cut the largest diamond of the world by the Royal Family in 1902.


Between the time, 1920’s to 2001, the Asscher cut diamond was difficult to get and was only accessible in some antique stores. However, nowadays this Asscher cut diamond has been yet rare, but still very popular.

In 2001, this cut was renewed with additional facets and new specifications to increase its elegance and shine. The Asscher cut is in a great demand now more than ever, with the growth in demand for square and rectangular shaped diamonds and it’s recently designed cut.

There are four things that people look while choosing or buying Asscher cut rings and these are discussed below-

A Cut

The most crucial thing to consider while buying a diamond is that there is no right or wrong answer. If you like a specific stone, then you should buy it, and the quality should not make a difference. It should, however, hold an importance on how much you should spend.


Some diamonds have the same carat weight but even then they may look bigger than others. This is because the design in which they are cut. A sparkle makes a diamond look bigger than others. A cut makes a diamond more noticeable. So choose the cut of diamond very carefully. Actually, the cut indicates the shape.

Many experts in diamond jewelry would say that the cut is more the symmetry of a stone than the shape. The symmetry defines the part of which the light is reflected and absorbed outside and inside the diamond. This is the reason that many people choose and suggest the Cut indicates the reflective characteristics of a diamond.


If you are buying an Asscher cut ring, clarity of the diamond is very necessary. This is because unlike Princess cuts and Round cuts, they don’t hide defects very well. For the best grade diamonds, pay for nothing less than a diamond between the flawless and high grade.

Price Of An Asscher Diamond-

Generally, diamonds are priced by their weight. This is known as the carat weight. One carat diamond will weigh approximately 0.2 grams. The price of a stone will rise drastically while the weight of the carat goes up.

So, it is always necessary to learn as much as you can about diamonds and pricing before you select or buy them. The best method to find out the characteristics of a diamond that you are considering to buy is to view the grading report.


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