Why are the halo diamonds rings the most popular engagement rings?

With the increasing interest in antique and vintage jewelry design, halo diamond engagement rings have become every fashionista’s first choice. There are various different styles in engagement rings from Art Deco and Art Nouveau, to a classic diamond halo, to choose from. Although most of the women may favor a timeless solitaire, or go for a more modern ring, still, there is a huge number of women who get enticed towards the brilliant halo style.

The halo diamond ring style comes in a varied range of options for an individual to get their perfect customized engagement ring. There are very limited options that can be used for designing the big diamond rings. A high-carat diamond used in a halo setting will appear even more giant. When it comes to a halo setting, smaller accent diamonds completely encircle a center gemstone that makes the ring shine. The traditional round or the cushion-shaped diamonds are some of the most popular preferences because of the romantic vintage look.

  • Halo ring designs :- An enormous big center stone supported by a clean and narrowband is one of the most desired and evergreen halo ring designs. Beside this, a round center diamond encircled by the uncolored stones on a god or platinum ring also looks mesmerizing.
  • Color of the pave:- There are various gemstones that will help you to get your perfect customized halo ring. These gemstones can be either subtle or outrageous. As per your choice you can pick any of them. Anyhow, some of the alluring options for the pave include sapphires and rubies supporting a colorless center diamond.
  • Number of the halos:- The classic single halo design has been upgraded to double and triple halo design. For an instance, there are three rows of paving stone that supports center diamond in the triple halo design. Due to these pave circles, your ring will appear bigger in size. If the center diamond is very small, it is advisable to go for the triple halo design.

Whether you want to propose someone for marriage or it’s your engagement ceremony or wants to gift diamond ring to your wife, there is nothing better than halo diamond engagement ring to mark your big day or simply pamper her with a halo diamond ring. If you have no idea where to look out the best-quality halo diamond rings, contact Leon Mege.

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