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Choose Perfect Engagement Ring For Your Beloved

Wedding season is yet to come. If you are looking to get married in summer, it is the perfect time to plan for a wedding proposal and select the engagement ring. Engagement rings are a recent phenomenon.

Before the 20th century, other things (mainly precious metal) were given as engagement gift. Precious metals like gold or silver were broken in half to symbolize the engagement and both kept the half.

Why diamonds?

After the discovery of diamonds in the 1870s, engagement rings became prevalent. As diamonds are one of the strongest materials on Earth and are unbreakable, it seemed perfect to describe love. Similarly, a ring symbolizes a never-ending bond between two people.

Five stone diamond engagement ring : The best choice

Selecting perfect engagement rings is a hard task. You cannot just go to the shop and buy the first one you see. An engagement ring should mirror the soul of your beloved. Usually, solitaire diamond rings are preferred by the men.r1056_4fb2c0c1253d3However, solitaire diamond rings work best as wedding rings rather than engagement rings. Nowadays, five stone diamond engagement ring is in trend. Elegant and charismatic, the five stone diamond engagement ring can have different cuts of diamonds and are loved by the brides-to-be.

Five stone diamond engagement ring features five diamonds that can be set close to each other in same shape or different cuts. The selection of setting of stones and their specific cut depends upon the jeweler. If your jeweler is an expert, they will be able to incorporate all your requirements and ideas in the ring.

  1. Larger Central Diamond

    As the five stone diamond engagement ring is set with an odd number of stones, the central diamond can be of more karats. The larger central diamond gives the ring an appearance of being solitaire. This unique setting is perfect if you want a traditional engagement ring with a modern twist.

  2. Unusual Shapes

    In five stone diamond engagement ring, the diamonds can be cut in unusual shapes and set any way you like. An experienced jeweler will tell you that five stone diamond engagement ring can feature princess cut, heart-shaped diamond, pear cut, oval cut along with others.

  3. Touch of Color

    The best part about proposing with a five stone diamond engagement ring is that you can add a touch of color to the diamonds. If your bride to be loves sapphire, emerald or even ruby, you can set these stones along with the diamonds. The gemstones can feature as both central gem or side gem to accentuate the diamond with their color.

If you are looking for custom five stone diamond engagement ring, then Leon Mege is one you should visit. His engagement ring design regularly features five stone diamond engagement ring with various gemstones.

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Micro Pave Halo Rings- The New Trendsetter in the Market

If you are going to buy an engagement or wedding ring then there is a lot to know about it as it’s a big step to take. It is necessary to get the best ring when you are making such a great promise.

The information in this blog will definitely help you to find the perfect jewelry and we especially love the micro pave engagement ring trend happening right now.


What is Pave?

The name Pave is coming from the French word Pave, as in paving a street. This name was very representative of the diamond setting style that contains small diamonds to literally cover a field of a ring or other jewelry piece.

In a Pave style ring has a mainly have that the look as if it is paved with diamonds and a small area where metal is shown.

Pave setting has been used about for thousands of years. It is a style that has a certain number of holes in a decided area of a jewelry piece or probably is in the whole piece. Then an exact size of diamonds is placed into the corresponding hole carefully.

The small colored stones are placed in various rows over the entire surface of the jewelry article. The whole procedure is done with such an accuracy which is possible only by using high magnification.

What is Micro pave?

Micro Pave is a setting of diamonds on a jewelry piece that contains a number of small stones that looks like it is paved with diamonds.

The whole setting of a diamond is done with the help of the microscope and this is the actual difference between the Pave and Micro pave style. Micro pave halo ring are one of the favorite choices, which are picked by the women of all age groups.


As the Micro pave are beautiful and very distinctive style. This includes little stones being inserted in the lines on the surface of the metal and a big stone inserted in between the lines having small diamonds. This style looks completely impressive and very interesting when if kept in a right manner.

Let’s have a look at some of the reasons on why Micro pave halo rings are a new rage everywhere.


This style is slightly less costly than the other diamond styles. So without investing more and without disturbing the bank balance, one can invest in high-quality diamond jewelry.

Unique and different-

When you notice a unique diamond ring, then it will automatically attract you. And Micro pave has a unique style and has a royal look.

Design factor-

As discussed above, this style contain many little diamonds which gives a beautiful look and designs. So, because of its different design factor, one can choose according to its different cut, colors, and clarity.

So from the above discussion, it is concluded that a beautiful engagement or wedding ring will pair wonderfully with a micro pave halo ring.

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What to Examine When Choosing the Best Asscher Cut Rings

There are a lot of different cuts that are available in diamonds. The Asscher cut was invented by Joseph Asscher and he was selected to cut the largest diamond of the world by the Royal Family in 1902.


Between the time, 1920’s to 2001, the Asscher cut diamond was difficult to get and was only accessible in some antique stores. However, nowadays this Asscher cut diamond has been yet rare, but still very popular.

In 2001, this cut was renewed with additional facets and new specifications to increase its elegance and shine. The Asscher cut is in a great demand now more than ever, with the growth in demand for square and rectangular shaped diamonds and it’s recently designed cut.

There are four things that people look while choosing or buying Asscher cut rings and these are discussed below-

A Cut

The most crucial thing to consider while buying a diamond is that there is no right or wrong answer. If you like a specific stone, then you should buy it, and the quality should not make a difference. It should, however, hold an importance on how much you should spend.


Some diamonds have the same carat weight but even then they may look bigger than others. This is because the design in which they are cut. A sparkle makes a diamond look bigger than others. A cut makes a diamond more noticeable. So choose the cut of diamond very carefully. Actually, the cut indicates the shape.

Many experts in diamond jewelry would say that the cut is more the symmetry of a stone than the shape. The symmetry defines the part of which the light is reflected and absorbed outside and inside the diamond. This is the reason that many people choose and suggest the Cut indicates the reflective characteristics of a diamond.


If you are buying an Asscher cut ring, clarity of the diamond is very necessary. This is because unlike Princess cuts and Round cuts, they don’t hide defects very well. For the best grade diamonds, pay for nothing less than a diamond between the flawless and high grade.

Price Of An Asscher Diamond-

Generally, diamonds are priced by their weight. This is known as the carat weight. One carat diamond will weigh approximately 0.2 grams. The price of a stone will rise drastically while the weight of the carat goes up.

So, it is always necessary to learn as much as you can about diamonds and pricing before you select or buy them. The best method to find out the characteristics of a diamond that you are considering to buy is to view the grading report.

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Significance Of Couture Wedding Ring

Most Impressive Part Of Wedding – Couture Ring

Today, the terms ‘wedding band’ and ‘wedding ring‘ have come to mean a similar thing, and keeping in mind that they do both fill a similar need, there, some time ago, was a difference.

Previously, while ladies got a family ring or hued gemstone to identify a man’s intention, it was the men who verifiable wore wedding rings.

Furthermore, around then, wedding rings comprised of an arrangement hover of metal, without precious stones or any ornamentation that we may see today.

r7206-1-0825 9wy

One of the toughest part of the engagement process is to choose the most appropriate ring specially Couture ring.

Deciding which kind of ring you will have. All things considered, it is the longest style duty you will ever make. Fortunately, valuable stones never leave style.

No doubt when it comes to wedding rings ladies started to think, search and plan a lot of things about it so that they can choose the best one.

Rock Your Wedding Event To Gift Your Partner Amazing Wedding Ring

The wedding ring is substantially more stylized than a plain wedding ring. For instance, there is the Eterna 4017 from Verragio, which is a case of how far the present day wedding band has advanced today.

Highlighting a fragile wound shank enhanced with clear’ set jewels the distance around the band; it is particularly feminine in design.

Men’s bands have likewise developed consistently, starting whole lines of men’s rings, as opposed to plain groups.

The idea is that, while a few men want to wear precious stones, there is as yet an approach to join enrichment and manliness. The most well-known pattern among men’s wedding bands is the possibility of two tones, blending metals.

However conventions persist for a reason, and it is not very out of left field to trust that a basic, downplayed pattern will return around.

At last it would be appropriate to say that whether it’s a man wedding ring or woman, one has to become very choosy. After all it’s the question of your wedding, engagement, love and status.

Thus, keeping all things in mind and pick the best one ring for your partner.



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Micropave Solitaire Ring – Why The Best Option For Wedding

Micropave Solitaire Diamond ring

Hardly any endeavors are more interesting to a lady than the opportunity to purchase a ring. In this cutting edge world, the individuals who are thinking about the buy of a ring might need to consider the very sharp and exemplary Micropave Solitaire Diamond ring.


With a history that takes them back the extent that when antique rings were being made by hand, the clear stones keep on making pieces look magnificently novel and immortal.

Regardless of whether the expert uses these exquisite jewels to complement a bigger stone, to cover the band, or to outline a piece that is altogether cleared, they are stunning, smooth pearls that can deliver a great part of the blaze and splendour you are looking for.

Reasons Why Pave Stones Are Preferable:

No doubt there are a lot of motivations to consider either purchasing a ring with micro-pave gems, one that cannot be ignored is their capacity to diminish the cost of a ring.

  • In a case, even 40-100 chips are utilised, they will once in awhile mean as many as.75 carats, significantly bringing the cost of a completed piece down contrasted with including accent pearls, for example, sapphires that may make the cost of the ring high. With paves, you have a beautiful, sumptuous looking ring at a lower cost.

Certainly beautiful and chic, you have observed these stunning manifestations on the hands of film stars who revere miniaturized micro-pave diamond rings. Britney Spears got a 5.5 carat rulers cut precious stone with 2 clear set groups when she wound up noticeably connected with to Keith Federline. The extravagant pave gems convey life and fire to the inside stone, highlighting the glimmer of the Grand Princes’ cut.


  • Another justifiable reason purpose behind the utilization of the stones is to cover the band. You see less metal if the band is canvassed in smaller scale clear precious stones.
  • The smooth surface that is the outcome is not as disturbing as a portion of the bulkier emphasize pieces that work their way around to the sides of your fingers. These modest chips are smooth and even. They display a splendid sparkle that can’t be contrasted with the darker highlight pearls.
  • Prongs can meddle awfully with the magnificence of an outline. Attempting to dispose of prongs, with paves the most striking advantage is they leave a feeling of the perplexing delicacy of trim.
  • Despite the fact that they have been put in mind, they seem to have been sprinkled over the band until the point that it can never again be seen. What you see is has the visual impact of delicate snow.

Using the gems has an alluring, but fetching appeal. If you think micro-pave diamond rings are in vogue, they have surely more than demonstrated their ability to catch both the eye and the interest of those who see the classy, charming style they offer when designed in any of the many versatile ways available to the craftsman.

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How To Buy Diamonds Online – An Ultimate Guide

Diamonds are known to be a symbol of elegance. In today’s time, you find yourself tentative to shop online and deem that buying best priced diamonds online is associated with scams.


You feel uncertain about receiving the real stones. Many people may assume that purchasing diamonds over the Internet comes with a lot of risks, but thanks to technology advancement that makes the transactions safe and easy, it is no pain at all.

You can effortlessly get everything online. It can also be a great way to find excellent deals on diamond jewelry.

Here are some of the advantages as well as major considerations you should keep in mind while purchasing diamonds online.


Purchasing diamonds online can help you easily find the best-cut, best shape, color and most attractive product.

You’ll also enjoy a great deal of flexibility and convenience. You can shop from several different competitors without having to leave your home, and you can do so at any time of the night or day. One can also choose the best and the reduced prices deal.

From the pleasant shopping experience of online diamond shopping to the receiving of the diamond at the doorstep, you would never need to leave your house. Delivery of the online shopped diamond is usually couriered by transport companies.

Education is the Key-

Before making a purchase of diamonds, one should navigate the website and its deals properly. Although, every online dealer have already made excellent tutorials to purchase the products.

There are several excellent websites that provide detailed, easy-to-understand tutorials that will tell you everything you need to know about buying diamonds.

You can see everything from the grading report of the diamonds the carat weight, dimensions, symmetry, the quality grades, polish and etc.

Every website has a customer forum where you can view the feedback. You can get all the necessary information to buy best-priced diamonds without visiting the physical stores.

Comparing Prices-

Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, compare the price of given product with the other dealers.

Sometimes, if you see a less price tag then must check the quality, carat, and other parameters of the product. So that you get the best deal.

Checking Credentials-

Even though online transactions are safe, one should take necessary precautions while selling or buying them. After all, this is not a small thing, these are precious diamonds.

If you can’t find a vendor’s license on the website, just inquire about them. Grab the best deal such as free shipping.

Most importantly, make sure if the dealer is providing the grading report from a trusted laboratory or not.

A grading report is a report which provides reliability, consistent grading, weight, carat of a particular diamond.

You can also look to local independent appraisers to make sure the item you are purchasing is free of structural problems and worth the price you are paying.

Purchasing diamonds over the Internet can be a very exciting, fun experience. There is a lot of value to be found in going to a local retailer for settings, repairs, maintenance, and cleanings, but you’ll find online dealers to be your best bet when it comes to finding the highest quality merchandise at the best prices.